While some believe human trafficking is an international problem contained to the third world, the truth is that Canada is a significant player in the supply and demand of the industry. Vancouver attracts a liberal-minded tourist. The city is becoming known as an emerging sex trade destination for travelers seeking an eclectic sex experience. Demand for the industry motivates traffickers to supply sex slaves lured from Asia, Eastern Europe, Northern regions of Canada and even local communities. Traffickers supply other regions of the world with Canadian women seeking unique work abroad opportunities.


THE LIE: All women working in prostitution, strip clubs, escort agencies and sex massage parlours choose their profession for the lifestyle and money. They are living the “Pretty Woman” dream by setting their own terms of work and keeping all the money they earn.

THE TRUTH: There is evidence that some workers in the sex trade are trapped in modern sex slavery. They are lured by a boyfriend or recruiter posing as a friend or potential employer. Some are sold into the industry by their fathers, brothers or husbands. After recruitment, these women are trapped by drug addiction and debt bondage to a pimp, gang or sex trade ring.

THE LIE: Johns (sex trade consumers) are usu